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Tyres Dec Promo

* Promotion is valid from 1 Dec 2018 to 31 Mar 2019 and is applicable to all BMW models. Giveaways are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Performance Motors reserve the right to substitute the complimentary items with items of similar value at any time without prior notice. This advertisement provides information on BMW products and does not constitute an offer of sale. A sale is subjected to our applicable terms and conditions. Product specifications may vary from from the models shown. All information is correct at time of print.

^ The BMW Tyre Coverage only covers damage to the tyre tread or sidewall from road hazards such as potholes, glass, metal, nails, wood and debris. Coverage commences from date of purchase. BMW reserves the right to change the terms and conditions for the Tyre Coverage from time to time without any prior notice.